Social Media

  • Social Media

    As an effort to be more present online we created a new Social Media Strategy in the summer of 2019. Here you will find all the information, links and guides. Read underneath our Vision and Mission Statement. Vision Become a brand recognized for being thought leaders that share skills, ideas, and knowledge permeated by the[…]Read more

  • Style

    To stay consistent with the Block Zero brand we need to have also the style in the social media guide. This is a very small part of the brand book, so if you are looking for more in depth about Block Zero’s brand please check our brand book. But for social media we use most[…]Read more

  • Voice & Tone

    To make sure that even if different people post on our social media we all sound like Block Zero. It is important to have guides on how you speak online: You have the same voice all the time, but your tone changes. Block Zero’s voice is relatable, ambition driven, reachable, nerdy, humorous, human and experienced.[…]Read more

  • Do’s and Dont’s

    Nowadays when presence on social media is a must have for any business it is also important to follow some general rules. This list also helps to bring everybody onto the same page. DO …use Hashtags on Instagram! When used correctly, hashtags will increase your online visibility and followers.Here is a list of the ones[…]Read more

  • Strategy

    Here is our Social media strategy. It outlines where we post, why and how often. It also mentions the different categories of post types we have. Facebook Why?68% of adult social media users are active on Facebook. It is a very valuable, widespread platform to share content and to get found. Use a professional, cooperative[…]Read more

  • Emojis & Hashtags

    In the social media world emojis and hashtags are – of course – quite common. We need to define how Block Zero uses Emojis and Hashtags, so it fits Block Zero’s voice and identity. In this article you will find guidelines on how Block Zero uses these two. Emoji usage Emojis are a fun way[…]Read more

  • Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation

    Here are some general guidelines on how we spell at Block Zero on Social Media. Again this is so we all seem as the same entity rather than individual people. Obviously, make sure you have no spelling errors – thankfully we have computers that will underline every wrong word we type. In general, let’s try[…]Read more

  • Social Media Guide

    To ensure consistency, we created a Social Media Guide. It is our map to guide how Block Zero appears on Social Media. Our style guide will relate to and be part of our overall marketing brand guidelines. It should be a living document that can evolve over time. Content You can find all of these[…]Read more