Design Practice

Our design practice defines how we understand our role as design practitioners in the tech world. It consists of a set of defining principles that we believe are the fundamental ground informing our design decisions, and a base line process, that we apply to the needs of the challenge ahead.



Our design practice is based on a system driven thinking – we see every product or service as part of a bigger context, connected to a broad network of touch points, different user groups and social implications. Therefore, design research is a big part of our design practice and we start every new project with an active immersion phase. Our clients are experts in the fields they operate, but we always come in with a fresh perspective and have to learn about the concrete field of application. We believe that this process of us immersing and extracting that expert knowledge has intrinsic value, as it allows us to question, reframe and re-evaluate the product and service in focus. This means, we will always have a strong analysis included in our process and a clear objective behind every design decision.


We believe in the power of strong stories, and that every brand, product and service has a unique narrative arc to itself, which we set out to discover, define and communicate. Stories tie people together, bring motivation to the Why and characters to the Who. A well developed narrative strengthens a brand, makes a product more usable and intuitively understandable, and services relatable. It therefore guides us through all steps of the development process, from concept exploration to polished implementation.

Inclusive Design & Processes

Both in the products we work on as well as in the process to get there, we strive towards inclusive design and strengthening democratic processes. This means we take human factors and needs into account for the final product as well as the design process, utilise participatory methods where possible, and don’t take the status quo as a neutral starting point.

Exploration & Playfulness

A playful approach is important to us, and we keep an equal balance between analysing and exploring, which goes in hand with trying, testing and building things as part of every step. We value experiences that are not only useful, but also enjoyable, and tie practicalities together with delight. We therefore strive to integrate various modes of interaction, physical and digital, combine different media and technology, and don’t limit ourselves to pre-defined frames of what has been done before.

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