We can almost promise you that you’ll never go hungry in our office. We have coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the kitchen. In the fridge you’ll find milk, cheese and different condiments for breakfasts and the afternoon teas. We have a snack drawer filled with different treats, like chocolate, crackers, nuts, dried fruit and sweets. Here you’ll also find different kinds of hard bread (knäckebröd). We’re located in Sweden after all! Feel free to help yourself with anything you’d like! And don’t worry, we have vegan options for all of our vegetarians/vegans. If you have a request, or have some kind of dietary restriction, please let the Studio Administrator know.

You take your lunch break when needed, or when it fits your schedule of the day. We have a thread in Slack where we coordinate possible lunch plans. And where we talk about all things related to food. For example we discuss the never-ending topic of sushi dogs. Don’t even ask. You can use the kitchen to heat your lunch box, or you can go out and buy something. Even sushi dogs. We’ve made this ever growing and changing food map, with the best lunch spots Malmö has to offer! You’ll find it here.

Team Breakfast

On the first friday of every month (give or take), we have a team breakfast talk. This is an opportunity to get together and share knowledge, skills and insights. Each time a different team member will do a talk on any topic they’re interested in/passionate about. Another team member will prepare the breakfast – when it’s your turn you buy the groceries yourself and expense receipts in QBIS. Please provide vegan/vegetarian/pork free options for breakfast!