At Block Zero we use several different digital tools to create, communicate and share information. Both with each other, and with our customers. Below we’ll introduce you to some of them, and give you a quick guide on how to get started, and get into the swing of things!

Google Workspace

We use G Suite in order to store and share all files and documents. Due to convenience and security reasons we keep everything here. The studio administrator will make sure that you’ll get set up with everything you need, preferably before your first day! In order to avoid chaos, we have also have a naming convention for files, which you’ll find here.


We use Slack for team communication. On your first day, you’ll sign up using your Block Zero email address. Here you can reach all of our team members, All of our staff are expected to keep up to date with Slack and be reachable during work hours. We have several channels that are just for us Block Zero people, but might also from time to time share channels with customer or partner organizations. In Slack, you can start a lunch train, and share insights and everyday stuff, but (and beyond everything else) this is where you share your favorite gifs. Impress us!

Some guidelines on how to behave in slack:

  • Do what works best for you with notifications and such, so that you’re reachable, up to date, but also able to work efficiently. You can set slack to not notify you about everything if that works better for you.
  • That being said, please don’t mute the #general channel, as it’s where we communicate important info to everyone.
  • Therefore in that channel, only post information that everyone needs to read. Never respond directly in the channel, use threads.
  • Actually, in all channels, try to use threads when replying. It lessens notification pollution. And pollution is bad.
  • We create a new channel for every project. Feel free to leave the channels you no longer need to follow.
  • In all channels, don’t write anything that you wouldn’t want anyone else to read.
  • Be nice! It’s easy to misunderstand each other in writing. Assume everyone has the best intentions, and talk it out over coffee instead of using slack. Trick: Type /bz and hit enter to get some useful company information.


We use emails, but rarely internally.