A Healthy Workplace

Since we all mainly spend our working day by a computer in some way, there are a few things that are really important to think about, to take care of our physical health.

First of all, remember to take short breaks. Go for a glass of water, stretch a bit, and remember to change your working position from sitting down to standing up, and vice versa, by using your adjustable table.


Your chair has a good height when your feet reach the floor, and the seat is in level with your knees. The depth of the chair should be adjusted so that when your back is against the back of the chair, you’re able to put your fist between the seat and the hollow of your knee.


Whether you’re working standing up or sitting down, you should adjust your table so that the height is slightly under your elbows. Regardless if you’re sitting down or standing while working, putting your belly against the table will improve your posture.


Your screen should be free from reflections, both from sunlight and lamps. Even if you love sunny days, when they occur, please use the blinds in the windows.

The upper edge of your screen should be about the same height as your eyes. The distance you should keep to your screen, is, in a way a bit individual, based on your own vision. 50-80 centimeters is a rule of thumb. The bigger the screen, the bigger the distance.

If you use more than one screen at a time, place them shaped like a ”V”, where your eyes should be in a right line with where the screens meet. If you’re using a laptop, use a kickstand and a portable keyboard. If you don’t use those tools, try to only work on your laptop for short periods.

Keyboard and mouse

While working on your keyboard, make sure to keep your elbows next to your body, not pointing out from it. Your keyboard shouldn’t be bigger than the width of your shoulders. If you’re using a mouse, make sure that the size of the keyboard makes it possible to use the mouse close to your body. Another important thing is to choose the right mouse. Make sure that it fits the size of your hand, so that it’s not too big nor too small. Also, remember to keep your wrists straight, not leaning on the edge of the table or the keyboard itself.

Your eyes

Do you find yourself leaning over your desk against your perfectly adjusted screen to be able to see the text in front of you? Do you often squint with your eyes or wrinkle your forehead? Then, maybe you need an eye examination for working glasses (terminalglasögon).

Tell the optrician that it’s for working glasses in front of a computer and you’re going to expense it, then they’ll write the correct things on the receipt. Put the expense on your Pleo card, remember to save the receipt, and place the purchase on the wellness account.

If you need any help booking an appointment, please contact the studio administrator.

For some more tips and tricks, go to this awesome YouTube link: