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This is our employee handbook. Here we collect important and useful information and other interesting nuggets about us as a company and as a team. It is supposed to be useful for both new and long-time employees, as well as anyone who wants to take a look at how we work and roll.

As a wiki, this is a living thing, so the content will be added now and then and kept up to date. If anything stays unanswered or you find something that should be added, feel free to reach out and ask anyone on the team and suggest new ideas – we love that!

Happy browsing!

Latest Articles

  • Seniority Levels

    A definition of how we apply the terms of seniority level Here is a description of what how the seniority progression looks like at Block Zero and what we expect from our team members at the different levels. This is a general description valid for all of our team members. There are salary brackets attached[…]Read more

  • Benefits

    Here are some benefits we offer, as we believe they make us a better team They apply to everyone permanently employed at Block Zero. Pension Plan (tjänstepension) You have a pension plan (tjänstepension) at Avanza . This means we pay an extra pension with the value of 4.5% of your salary. The rules are more[…]Read more

  • Recruitment Evaluation

    Validating individual skills To make sure applicants have the skill-sets required, we have a number of formats we use to assess someone’s skills – outside of our general interviews. Depending on the seniority level of the role we recruit for as well as the type of role, different formats will be used, but these are[…]Read more

  • Recruitment Process

    Ads and job posts We put all of our job openings at https://careers.blockzero.se they could also be cross posted on Linkedin and other services but for the latest and most surely up to date look at our career page. Connect! Our career tool Teamtailor has a feature called Connect, it’s a lightweight account creation and[…]Read more

  • Recruitment Policy

    We have an international, diverse and inclusive team, which together creates an inspiring and safe working environment. We always had a balance of genders and we see diversity in different forms as a great strength and qualities to preserve while we develop as a team. Having a multitude of perspectives work as an enabler for[…]Read more

  • Studio/Office

    The heart of this company is our beautiful studio. Here you’ll find everything you could possibly want! Everyone gets a desk of their own, provided with all the equipment needed. The office consists of a bunch of rooms, which all have nerdy semi-descriptive names. Don’t be surprised if you soon will have a meeting in[…]Read more