Voice & Tone

To make sure that even if different people post on our social media we all sound like Block Zero. It is important to have guides on how you speak online: You have the same voice all the time, but your tone changes.

Block Zero’s voice is relatable, ambition driven, reachable, nerdy, humorous, human and experienced.

We are thought leaders.

We want to educate and teach, but not in a patronizing way. We want to inspire people and invite to a discussion.

Our humor is dry.

Our jokes are implied, subtle and nerdy. With references to movies, music or anything else we like. We are never exclusive or condescending and our jokes are tasteful.

We are genuine and human.

That means we relate to people’s challenges and passions. We speak to them in a warm, familiar and understanding way. We understand and we are never exclusive, everybody is welcome.

We are the link between customers and new technology.

We want to make difficult look easy and it is our job to take the customer on new adventures with new technologies. Explaining our work to the customer in an understanding and creative way.