Do’s and Dont’s

Nowadays when presence on social media is a must have for any business it is also important to follow some general rules. This list also helps to bring everybody onto the same page.


…use Hashtags on Instagram!

When used correctly, hashtags will increase your online visibility and followers.
Here is a list of the ones we use:

…post regularly

Social media accounts that are only partially completed automatically appear less professional!

…quality over quantity!

Focus on the right type of content for the right type of channel. Don’t just spam all the channels just so you have uploaded something. It’s better to have significant content than just some content.

…interact with your audience

Answer questions and comments, share articles and be present. All with the thought in the back of your head that you are the voice of Block Zero and how Block Zero speaks.

…think before you post

Be proud of who we are and what we represent as a business while staying aware of the image you’re crafting as a result of the content you share.

…use our templates

We have created templates and a style guide, so Block Zero has a consistent appearance online. This helps in making it easier and faster to have a style.

…be visual!

Add a picture, video, animation or infographic to text based posts! That will always attract more people when they scroll through their feed.




…abuse hashtags

When used in excess, hashtags look spammy and become ineffective.

…automate without thought

If you’re using the same content across your social channels (and you can!), take the time to change the voice of the message to match the network!

…obsess on the Numbers

It’s important to remember that brand awareness and growing our network is a long-term strategy. Try not to get caught up in the “numbers game”.

…be needy or a spammer

  • and bombard your followers with please share and like and posting it 3 times in your story that you have a new post.


That might seem obvious, but we still want to mention it on this list. Don’t complain about customers or things that did not work out. Do be transparent and one could even make content about what and why something went wrong and how we fixed it and came out of it smarter.

…have incorrect grammar

Poor grammar is a no go! So double check what you write when you post

Google Doc

Here is our Google doc: Do’s and Don’ts