Here are some benefits we offer, as we believe they make us a better team

They apply to everyone permanently employed at Block Zero.

Pension Plan (tjänstepension)

You have a pension plan (tjänstepension) at Avanza . This means we pay an extra pension with the value of 4.5% of your salary. The rules are more complicated than that though, we mirror what’s called ITP1 (for all employees regardless of year of birth). The money is automatically paid in to your account on Avanza. There you can log in and invest your pension money in all kinds of different ways.

If you don’t make an active change, all your pension money will be invested in a medium risk fund called Avanza 75.

Health Benefit (friskvårdsbidrag)

You have the right to expense gym cards, massage, etc (friskvårdsbidrag) up to 4000:- SEK/year. For information on what counts as friskvård, please look at this list (in Swedish).

The whole purpose with the health benefit is to keep you moving, stretching and exercising from year to year.
This means that you can not save the benefit, or parts of it, from one year to another, and it can only be used against receipts showing that it has been used for its purpose, within that year.
You can not use the benefit to buy material or equipment, nor fees for memberships in associations, even if the associations purpose is to perform a certain sport or activity. It’s a bit messy. Please contact the studio administrator if you have any questions.
Key rule is- the health benefit only pays for the healthy activity itself! Due date to submit your receipts for the current year is the first week of December.


Once a month, a certified massage therapist visits our office, which gives all our employees the opportunity to stay healthier without even leaving the office.
This is a Block Zero-treat. You deserve it!

Health insurance

All eligible permanent employees are signed for a health insurance with Länsförsäkringar ( This covers both immediate help if you become sick and preventative help including psychologist, lawyers, personal economy or health coach.

If you need medical help, there are some services to meet specialists faster and help in the recover, feel free to contact them at 0771-666 115 to discuss if there are things you need help with. The call is at no cost to you or the company. Nobody at the company finds out if you’ve utilized this benefit.

The person answering will direct you to the most suitable help. If you want them to book a specialist appointment for you, there’s a fee you will need to pay yourself.

Illness and Parental Leave Benefit

We match what’s in chapters 6-7 in the kollektivavtal IT-avtalet IT&Telekomföretagen inom Almega. The rules there are very detailed and I will not try to replicate it here.

In short: based on how long you’ve been with the company, we will top up the reimbursement you get from försäkringskassan for illness past day 14 for 45 or 90 days, and for your first 2 or 6 months of parental leave, so that you get 90% of your salary instead of 80%.

Also, for the first calendar 14 days of illness, Block Zero pays sickpay (80% of your salary), which also means that you don’t have to worry about the customary un-paid first day of illness (karensdag). After 14 days we hand it over to Försäkringskassan, and you will have to apply for sickpay through them. If you need assistance, please contact the Studio Administrator.