Travel for Work

Per Diem / Allowance / Traktamente

For trips far away (or far, far away), you will get a per diem (traktamente) according to skatteverket rules. In normal language, you get a chunk of money on top of your salary for every day you’re gone. This is intended to cover extra expenses you have for meals etc when being away from home. From the traktamente you will need to deduct any meals that are paid for, such as hotel breakfast and company dinners. For more information (in Swedish) about travel allowance (traktamente), please see the Swedish Tax Agency’s website for travel allowance in foreign countries and within Sweden.

How do I get this magic traktamente?
You report it in QBIS by filling in your travel details, and it should be calculated automagically.

What travels qualify for traktamente?
Trips that are more than 50km from the office and your home and that contain at least one overnight stay. This is all decided by Skatteverket for us.

So what can I expense?
Expenses such as hotel, taxi, transport to and from airports, work material, and when you treat a customer to lunch or dinner (representation).


Should I take a train or a flight?
Train, please. If it’s too long (over six and a half hours) then please consider flying. See more in our environmental policy .

How do I report travel time?

  1. Travel time between 8.00-17.00, Monday – Friday, is calculated as working time. But hey, you’re also supposed to utilize this time to… work. If possible. Report on the suitable project.
  2. Travel time outside these hours is calculated as half working time. So, take the time it took you to get from home to your destination and divide it by two. Report it in the project you’re traveling for. If you can utilize this time to work, it is, of course, calculated as full work time.

Is there a reimbursement if I travel in my own car?
Yes, report it in QBIS and it should be calculated automatically for you. At the time of writing this, it’s 18,50 kr/10km.