Recruitment Process

Ads and job posts

We put all of our job openings at they could also be cross posted on Linkedin and other services but for the latest and most surely up to date look at our career page.


Our career tool Teamtailor has a feature called Connect, it’s a lightweight account creation and we recommend you to use that whether you apply to a specific job or are more interested in possible openings in general. It gives you updates on new posts and ability to access your data.

To apply

The preferred way to apply for any position, whether posted or spontaneous is to use the features on the career page. That way you are in our system and make sure your application gets proper attention.


Our conversation with you will be done with the same tool, this ensures that we have a process for handover between us and that all data is in one place if you later want to access that (see GDPR below). The tool will also be used to book slots for interviews.

Interviews and evaluation

If we have a position open that we think might match your skills and experience we will schedule one or more interviews. Depending on your process in the recruitment flow, this can be with future colleagues and/or a manager, and we might ask you to do a test or challenge (more on this under Evaluation below) to be able to evaluate concrete skills.

Practicalities and negotiations

If both you and we believe that we have found a good fit we move on to find an agreement on practicalities such as salary, benefits and start date.
If we find an agreement you will get an offer and once signed by both you and us you are hired!

Start work

In many cases there is a time between the hiring date and the first day, but once you get here we will make sure to welcome you in all the best ways we can. Read more on work life at Block Zero on Daily Life.


We use the dedicated recruitment platform Teamtailor for all our recruitment, and as such, never store any personal data in any internal systems. Teamtailor has well developed support for personal data ownership and GDPR and applicants can always request to remove their data from the Teamtailor services. You can read more about how Teamtailor handles GDPR compliance here.