Seniority Levels

A definition of how we apply the terms of seniority level

Here is a description of what how the seniority progression looks like at Block Zero and what we expect from our team members at the different levels. This is a general description valid for all of our team members.

There are salary brackets attached to these levels as well and they are open to everyone in the team, but for now not publicly available.


Less than 1 year of experience.

A paid position intended for someone with little or no work experience in the particular field, to provide more time to develop. The intention of an internship is to result in a junior employment.

An intern is expected to show talent in their discipline and work on defined tasks as well as participate in collaborative activities. They participate in customer projects and are expected to work on “”real”” tasks but there is of course room to learn, make mistakes and redo.

Interns also get a learning plan and goals on how to develop into a professional, but learning is supposed to happen through work rather than studies. All interns are assigned a mentor.


0-2 years of experience.

Juniors are assigned to both internal and external projects and are expected to both produce and present. There will be responsibilities to keep time and meet deadlines but there will always be support available from the rest of the team when needed. Learning is expected as part of work but there is also an expectation to ask for help when needed.


2+ years of experience.

A few years experience in the field, at Block Zero or elsewhere.

Can work and run client projects as well as internal ones. Can take responsibility for their time, have an understanding of budgets, and can make sure that goals are met and communicated. Is often the main executor in the company in some particular domain – even if they aren’t an established expert.


5+ years of experience.

A senior employee is expected to be completely self driving and able to run projects and processes. A senior is also expected to take responsibility for more junior employees, giving them guidance and feedback.

Expected to run or head initiatives as well as proactively spot problems and opportunities. Within their field they are an established authority and they are skilled in many surrounding areas too.


Many years of experience.

An expert within their area of proficiency but can also execute with significant skill tasks in domains that are not their focus. They are comfortable in tackling unknown and complex problems and lead both colleagues and customers regardless of the circumstances.

They are assigned the leadership of one specific part of the discipline and are comfortable driving, developing and explaining this to others, internally as well as to customers and the wider community.