Design Process

One thing is for sure: At Block Zero we take pride in not moving too fast and breaking things on the way. We tailor every process with a care for details and spend the time we need on making beautiful and user friendly solutions to every design problem we encounter. While our applied processes and steps vary between each project, our general process is structured in three phases, which are grounded in our design practice principles, and five steps, which follow best practice:

Phase 1 – Understanding


In this initial phase we spend time understanding the client, the implications for designing and the market we design into. We conduct research, give workshops with stakeholders and carefully map out the field of obstacles, challenges and opportunities.


In this phase we ideate, iterate and create concepts to explore further. We keep an open mind and a more is more attitude to get everything on the table before we start funneling our ideas into actual products.

Phase 2 – Sketching


In this phase we sketch and sketch again and kill our darlings so that what surfaces from the ashes of the discarded is the best idea and concept to bring to the test.


In this phase we build functioning prototypes and put them to the test. We iterate and fine tune our designs and make sure they live up to our high standards of a design that deserves to meet the real world.

Phase 3 – Implementation

During this phase, we have an ongoing dialogue between design and development, and work tightly together in sprints. We use the same process internally as well as with clients, when we work integrated with their in house development team.

To read more about each step and the tools and methods we use for them, follow links below.