Personal Development

All permanent employees have a budget of 5 working days and 10 000 SEK per year on learning new skills. It should be spent on educating yourself in a field that helps you in your work or helps you develop in a professional direction you want. Your manager will give input from the perspective of where there is a business development opportunity that might be interesting but the judgment call is ultimately up to you. Your manager will help you formulate goals and follow up, but the work and interest has to be yours 🙂

Personal Development can be online courses or attendance courses, reading material, video, tutorials, hobby projects, or even attending conferences, whatever suits you.

Use this allocated time when there is downtime from customer projects. Feel free to put it in the calendar to make sure it doesn’t get run over by other things, but there is an expectation that customer projects have priority (unless there is a trip or a time based course).

Discuss with your manager in advance. Time report as Personal Development, and use your Pleo card for expenses.

In some cases we can agree on courses or personal development that fall outside of this budget.

This applies to all permanent employees except trainees. Trainees get a special education plan. Unused budget does not carry over to the next year, but if you’d rather use your budget on one bigger thing that requires two years budgets, of course we can discuss it.

Great, what’s the catch?

We expect you to have a presentation for the team at a meeting or a team breakfast about what you’ve learned afterward.