Recruitment Policy

We have an international, diverse and inclusive team, which together creates an inspiring and safe working environment. We always had a balance of genders and we see diversity in different forms as a great strength and qualities to preserve while we develop as a team.

Having a multitude of perspectives work as an enabler for building a culturally rich work environment and has been important in order to create the best work for our clients through out our journey. While we always recruit based on competence, talent and how well we see an applicant fit in our team, we do take these factors into account.

  • While we have flexible rules around remote work, we do not have any entirely remote employees.
  • We will try to keep the team to at least 50% non-Swedish background.
  • We try to keep the team gender balanced. Our aim is to never have a 60% or higher majority of any gender.
  • Many people in this region have worked in the same companies and/or studied in the same university programs. When recruiting we take this into account in order to have a team with varying backgrounds and experiences.