Emojis & Hashtags

In the social media world emojis and hashtags are – of course – quite common. We need to define how Block Zero uses Emojis and Hashtags, so it fits Block Zero’s voice and identity. In this article you will find guidelines on how Block Zero uses these two.

Emoji usage

Emojis are a fun way to add humor and visual interest to writing, but use them infrequently and deliberately. We do not use Emojis in our descriptions, but in the comments and replies they can be used. They should not be used as word placeholders.

Hashtag usage

  • Facebook
    We do not use any hashtags on Facebook.
  • Linkedin
    We do use either one or two hashtags on here. It is not mandatory though.
  • Instagram
    We use 4-7 hashtags not more, we can use less if we want.