Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation

Here are some general guidelines on how we spell at Block Zero on Social Media. Again this is so we all seem as the same entity rather than individual people.

Obviously, make sure you have no spelling errors – thankfully we have computers that will underline every wrong word we type.

In general, let’s try to keep our social media updates short and to the point. We want to make sure that we clearly state our point when writing something.

Grammar and punctuation takeaways:

  • Write for all readers in descriptions of posts, in articles (medium) you can write more topic specific.
  • Write the most important thing first.
  • Title case: capitalize the first letter of every word except articles, prepositions, and conjunctions
  • Contractions (can’t, I’ve ) – use them!
  • Numbers: Write out numbers from one to nine, higher numbers like 10 and above can be written numerical. If a number has more than 3 digits add a comma. (999, 1,000.)
  • Filetypes: All caps JPEG, PNG. Add a s if it’s more (JPEGs).
  • No oxford comma (a, b, c, and d)
  • Don’t use emoji as punctuation or as a stand-in for vocabulary.
  • Be aware when you’re writing about people. Labels are for boxes. Avoid gendered terms.
  • Do not use & as a placeholder