• Benefits

    Here are some benefits we offer, as we believe they make us a better team They apply to everyone permanently employed at Block Zero. Pension Plan (tjänstepension) You have a pension plan (tjänstepension) at Avanza . This means we pay an extra pension with the value of 4.5% of your salary. The rules are more[…]Read more

  • Recruitment Policy

    We have an international, diverse and inclusive team, which together creates an inspiring and safe working environment. We always had a balance of genders and we see diversity in different forms as a great strength and qualities to preserve while we develop as a team. Having a multitude of perspectives work as an enabler for[…]Read more

  • Remote Work

    The last year has shown that there are benefits of remote work and that the hassles are fewer than anticipated. Nevertheless, there are benefits of physical meetings. We want to get the benefits of working together physically while being a flexible workplace. The Studio is the base Employment and work schedules are based in the[…]Read more

  • Personal Development

    Personal Development

    All permanent employees have a budget of 5 working days and 10 000 SEK on learning new skills. It should be spent on educating yourself in a field that helps you in your work or helps you develop in the direction you want. But that judgment call is up to you, and the company won’t[…]Read more

  • Daily Life

    Work hours and flex At Block Zero we have flexible working hours. This means that you can begin and end your day when it fits you and your project team. We expect and trust our employees to work as much as needed to solve their task. We will expect you to attend customer meetings at[…]Read more

  • Project Timeline & Processes

    We work hard to keep our processes and structures up to date and according to how we can work best.We have a number of processes in place to support that thinking.One track is the timeline we follow in projects, the other is recurring sessions we conduct as a studio. Sessions and meetings are facilitated in[…]Read more

  • Our Values

    Here at Block Zero, we strongly believe in not being an asshole. We believe in human rights, tolerance and acceptance. Everyone has the right to feel safe and accepted in (and outside) our office. Therefore we have produced a set of core standards which represent our beliefs and values. Some of the some values and[…]Read more

  • Environmental Policy

    Travel We prioritize having meetings over video instead of traveling. If travel is required for a meeting, we always question if this can be done over video instead.When traveling, we choose: We still need to travel by plane every now and then. When doing so, we climate compensate through Vi-skogen , according to their calculations.[…]Read more