The Studio

The heart of this company is our beautiful studio. Here you’ll find everything you could possibly want! Everyone gets a desk of their own, provided with all the equipment needed. The office consists of a bunch of rooms, which all have nerdy semi descriptive names. Don’t be surprised if you soon will have a meeting in the Black Lodge, or if you find yourself in the Matrix.

With great power comes great responsibility, therefore it is very important that we try and keep it tidy around us. In other words, make sure that you leave the room as you want to find them. If you open a window - close it. Or if you close a door - you then open it. If you work on a project, you clean up after yourself. Once a week a lovely lady from a cleaning company shows up and do all the heavy work, but the everyday stuff we do ourselves.


If you want to play music in the office, feel free to do so! We have a vinyl player that everyone is encouraged to use. If you don't know how, ask Ray or Jonas! Please remember to turn off the power (on the power brick) afterwards.

If you prefer digital music 🙄 we have two Chromecast connected systems in the office. It works great if you play from spotify, soundcloud etc. on your phone.

Strawberry fields

Yes, the vinyl setup can also play wireless music.

  1. Make sure the amplifier is on
  2. Turn the "Source Select" knob until the display says "CHROMECAST"

Marshall speaker

  1. Turn it on
  2. Set it to source: aux


  1. In spotify, press this icon

  1. Then select the speaker you want

Party like it's 1999 💃

The Kitchen Rota - aka the cleaning scheme

In order to have order, we use a rotation schedule for keeping the kitchen tidy. The Studio Administrator is in charge of the schedule. When it’s your week, you are expected to keep up with the general cleanliness in the kitchen. Wipe the counters, fill and empty the dishwasher, take out the trash when needed (and on Fridays). However, even if it’s not your week, it’s still your responsibility to help out, clean up after yourself and such. You know, just keep it clean!